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Our flagship course that takes you from struggling in IB English to excelling in it. Focused on Paper 1 but teaches analysis skills for all assessment. Explains how anyone can write 7-level analytical essays like no other resource… 🤯 

The ‘little sister’ of Analysis Simplified. Short cram-able guide with tips and tricks on scoring high on Paper 2. Most LitLearn students take Analysis Simplified and Paper 2 Survival Guide together, to max out their assessment stats 📈

Welcome to LitLearn 🎉

Hi, I’m Jackson Huang!

I’m a 2014 IB 45 graduate from Gold Coast, Australia.

I created LitLearn to help struggling IB English students succeed.

I share student-friendly tips…

Like how I scored a 20/20 for my Paper 1 final exam 😮 

But first, here’s a CONFESSION: In the beginning, I also struggled with IB English.

In fact, I spent more time studying for IB English than my Math + Physics + Chemistry HL COMBINED!

My IB English 7s came from sweat and real tears (yep).

But through the struggle, I really got to understand the rules of IB English inside-out…

I created LitLearn to equip YOU with the same practical, exam-tested strategies to defeat the final boss: ⚔️  IB English.

Some people say English is ‘all talent’, but I know first-hand that excelling in English is possible if you simply have the right information, and practise the right way.

Over the years, LitLearn has helped thousands of students dramatically increase their IB English grades. From 3s, 4s, and 5s to 7s!

I hope I can help you do the same!

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